Git Commands Summary

Here’s what I did to merge my changes with Door43’s Git Account at OBS-Translation-APP:


  1. fork OBS-Translation-App
  2. clone OBS-Translation-APP from github onto my desktop in a staging directory.
  3. add all modifications.
  4. start git powershell or git bsh
  5. git add (updated files)
  6. git status – shows file status
  7. git commit – commits changes. It will prompt you to add a commit note. The default editor is vim.
  8. git remote add pb name)
  9. git remote -v shows all the remotes
  10. git push pb master – to sync with remote
  11. add a pull request to Door43 from GitHub if you want your changes to merge with the master.

Note:  file names are case sensitive

To add all the files, including folders to a repository, do

  • git add –all

Note:  GitHub exposes public ssh keys for its users. For example, use this link if you wanted an user’s public keys:<username>.keys


Great GitHub command cheat sheet: