USFM Tags Rendering

A while ago, I’ve ported media wiki plugin rending USFM Tags to Dokuwiki.  The source code is HERE.

How to install USFMTag to Dokuwiki:

Download source code from Git.  The USFMTag has the following files:

  • style.css
  • action.php
  • syntax.php
  • UsfmParagraphState.php
  • UsfmTagDecoder.php
  • UsfmText.php
  • /conf/default.php
  • /conf/metadata.php
  • /lang/en/lang.php
  • /lang/end/settings.php

All of these files needs to be copied to <root directory for dokuwiki>/lib/plugins/usfmtag (all lower case, case matters)

Here’s some useful links I used in the port:

USFMTag specification:

Usefule Test Files: