Apache Ofbiz 16.11.04 Install

  • Update Java SDK to 1.8 or above.  Make sure system variable JAVA_HOME points to latest install.
  • Goto https://ofbiz.apache.org/download.html to download the latest stable version of Ofbiz.
  • Unzip the downloaded file into desire directory.
  • Goto Ofbiz end user document for installation instructions.
  • Note:  Running ofbizstart.bat without installing the demo data first does not seem to bring up Ofbiz website.
  • Note:  When running command (on Windows) gradlew loadDefault ofbiz,  The build command update can stop at message “> Building 92% > :ofbiz”. It is OK. If you don’t see things happening for awhile, go ahead and check if Ofbiz is up by going to https://localhost:8443/accounting on the browser. The gradle build message is not always updated correctly.
  • Note:  Some Ofbiz documents says to use gradlew loadAll ofbiz.  This will cause an error when used with 16.11.xx version.  Gradle will complain that loadAll is not a valid option after first doing a lot of compilations.