Apache Ofbiz 16.11.04

Start Application

  • ofbizstart.bat
  • load demo data – gradlew loadDefault ofbiz
  • no demo data – gradlew ofbiz
  • debug mode
    • prepare Eclipse – gradlew eclipse
    • run in debug mode – gradlew ofbizDebug

Create a plugin

  • gradlew createPlugin -PpluginId=ofbizDemo


  •  OFBiz 16.11.02 use Gradle 2.13 wrapper so it won’t work with Gradle 4

Accounting system

  • https://localhost:8443/accounting
  • From accounting, one can go to many applications such as order, catalog, content manager, party manager…etc.  Note, any plugin programmed and put in hot-deploy will be under the application tab of accounting.

Ecommerce system

  • https://localhost:8443/ecommerce/control/main

Web tools

  • https://localhost:8443/webtools/control/main
  • This includes tools for entity engine

Good Tutorials:

Technical Setup

Business Set Up

  • https://localhost:8443/ofbizsetup/control/main