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Using Module Builder In Dolibarr 8.0 to Generate a Test Module

  1. Change paths in htdocs/conf/conf.php  to allow custom plugins.  Follow instructions from this link:  In my case, the custom directory was already created.
  2. Go to <root url for dolibarr>/admin/modules.php?mode=common.  Turn on Module Builder.
  3. Now click on the bug shape on Dolibarr’s title bar. 
  4. This will bring you to the module builder’s page
  5. I’ve used it to create MyTestModule.  A list of shell code files will generate automatically under <dolibarr installed directory>/htdocs/custom/MyTestModule.  Make sure you activate the module after creation.
  6. A clickable icon will be placed on Dolibarr title bar to provide access to this new plugin.