How to use ediimport

Ediimport is a Foxpro program that automatically insert corrected ADX 850 (EDI order) export to SBT databases.  Ediimport.prg and application are located on server//sbt.

  • Program reads a configuration file from server\edi\config\850config.csv to get the input import filenames
  • Databases used:
    • EDI databases:
      • edi850mast, edi850detl, somasted, sotraned
    • SBT databases:
      • somast01, soaddr01, sotran01
  • After a successful update, all 850 imported should have a status of 850W.  If it has a status of 850, something is wrong with the import.
  • To find affected POs
    • edi850mast – through edistatus and podate
    • edi850detl – through ponum in edi850mast
    • somasted, somast01 – through ordate and ornum=EDI
    • sotraned, sotran01 –  through ordate
    • soaddr01 – through sono found in somast01