Take Out Exchange Account in Outlook

    • In Outlook, go to File->Account settings.  Make the G suite IMAP account the default account.
    • In Outlook, go to File->Account Settings->Data.  Add a new data file.  I call mine  “Personal Folder”.   Set it as the default data file.  This is needed because Outlook does not allow default data file to be the Imap account.
    • Go back to the Home tab.  Make a copy of all the emails you want to save from the exchange account to “Personal Folder”.  You can use the “Copy Folder” command.
    • Go to File->Options->Advanced->Export.  Export all the exchange account contacts to a Windows csv file.   If you see a folder with suggested contacts, export that as well.
    • Go to File->Options->Advanced->Export.  Export calendar as a pst file.
    • Go to File->Options->Trust Center->Trust Center Settings.  Choose Programmatic Access.  Set it to “Never warn me About suspicious activities“.  If you don’t do this step, you will get warning messages whenever SBT invokes Outlook.  If the option is grayed out, do the following:
      1. Exit Outlook
      2. Go to the short cut where Outlook is invoked.  Right click to get properties.
      3. Go to the Compatibility tab. Click on Run this program as administrator.
      4. Click Apply and Ok.
      5. Restart Outlook.  Click OK for allowing this program to change the system.
      6. Go to trust center as previously stated and allow program access.
      7. After that, exit Outlook.  Go to properties again then disable Run this program as administrator. 
    • To save the autocomplete information, for Outlook newer and include 2010, you can use MFCMAPI.  Follow instructions in this link:
    • for Outlook 2007 (works for 2010 as well) do the following steps:
      1. Exit Outlook
      2. Go to c:\users\user name\AppData\local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache to locate the autocomplete file.
      3. The file name will start as “Stream_Autocomplete”.  An example file name is:
      4. Save the autocomplete file with the most data (biggest size) into a separate directory
      5. Restart Outlook.  Go to File->Account Settings.  Delete the exchange account.
      6. After the exchange account is deleted:
        • Restart Outlook
        • Compose a new email with some email address.  Send the email
        • Exit Outlook
        • Give a couple minutes.  Sometimes, it takes a little time before the file appear again.
      7. Go to the RoamCache directory.  Copy the name of the newest autocomplete file.  Go to the saved autocomplete file in step 3.  Rename the saved file to the same name as the newest.  Use the following command to change the timestamp associated with the file to current time:
        copy /b filename +,,
      8. Copy over the saved file to the newest autocomplete file in the RoamCache directory.
      9. Test Outlook to ensure autocomplete works.  If not, repeat step 6-8.  Make sure the timestamp of the autocomplete file with the information is more current than whatever the new file Outlook has created.
      10. For Outlook newer and include 2010, you can use MFCMAPI.  Follow
    • After Autocomplete is working.  Go to File->Options->Advanced->Export.  Import your contacts, suggested contacts and calendar saved in the previous steps.

That is all, folks!! A piece of cake!!!