Mapping Domain Name to Lightsail Instance

Helpful Video:


  • Already registered a domain name in AWS Route 53
  • Already created a Lightsail instance

Now, proceed to map the domain

  • Go to Lightsail counsole.  Goto Networking tab.
  • Click on the Create a static ip button.  Map to the Lightsail instance.  Note, Static ips are free while attached to an instance.  Otherwise, it cost $0.005 per hour.  When you delete the Ligthsail instance, make sure you delete the static ip as well.  Otherwise, there will be a charge.  You can have up to 5 free static ips.
  • Go back to the Networking tab.  Click Create DNS Zone button.  Enter the domain name and any associated tags.  Click Create.
  • In DNS zone, create at least one A record that shows @.domain name and map it to the name of the static ip.
  • Copy the name servers.
  • Now switch to Route 53 console.
  • Goto Dashboard, select the domain name.  Change its name servers to the ones saved from the Lightsail DNS zone.  They must match.
  • Give a few minutes for the changes to propagate.