DNS Notes

  • Check DNS propagation:  https://www.whatsmydns.net
    • Note www.example.com is different than example.com.  Check both
  • Check validity of DNS records (i.e. named server, domain provider…etc)
  • If connecting domain name to a static IP address, such as mapping to a AWS Lightsail instance, make sure the NS records reflect the instance’s named servers.
  • Create an A record with www.example.com mapped to the ip address
  • Create an Alias (CNAME) record mapping example.com to www.example.com.
  • Use nslookup in windows or dig in Linux to check domain to IP mapping.
    In nslookup:

    nslookup example.com

    to change type of record lookup, add

    type=type to lookup

    before issuing the nslookup command.