Laravel Artisan Commands

      • Install and create a laravel project
        laravel new (project name)


        composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel (project name)
      • Install ui authentication interface
        composer require laravel/ui --dev
      • Install front end scaffolding
        php artisan vue or bootstrap or react --auth
        npm install && npm run dev
      • Start a process
        php artisan serve
      • Clearing the config cache with this artisan command
        php artisan config:clear
      • Checking the environment
        php artisan env
      • Create a model instance in Eloquent. Unless otherwise named, file is created in the app directory.
        php artisan make:model filename
      • Create a table in migration. A file will be generated under database/migration directory.
        php artisan make:migration create_<name>_table
      • Rollback and re-run all migrations
        php artisan migrate:refresh
      • Create migration and controller for a table
        php artisan make:model <tablename> -mc
      • Create a command
        php artisan make:command (command name)
      • Check Laravel Version
        php artisan --version
      • List routes
        php artisan route:list