Laravel Query Performance

Here’s a way to assess the performance of a query:

      • Start tinker in the Laravel project directory
        php artisan tinker
      • Start DB::listen
        DB::listen(function ($query) { dump($query->sql); dump($query->bindings); dump($query->time); });
      • Issue query. Here’s an example:
                            ['user_id', '=', 'AAABBBCCC000111222'],\
                            ['user_name', '<>', null],\
                            ->select('user_id', 'user_address', 'user_phone_number','created_at')\
    • You will see the SQL statement being executed, list of binding parameters and execution time
      "select `user_id`, `user_address`, `user_phone_number`,`created_at`, from `user_logs` where (`user_id` = ? and `user_name` is not null)"
      array:1 [
        0 => "AAABBBCCC000111222"