Twilio Flex Plugin

# create new plugin state-warning
twilio flex:plugins:create plugin-state-warning --install

To login to Flex, first login to Twilio console, select the project for which this plugin is created, then click on “Flex Admin? Login with Twilio” on the bottom of the login panel.

# Start plugin locally on localhost:3000
twilio flex:plugins:start

# Build, deploy and create a new major version of the plugin state warning
twilio flex:plugins:build
twilio flex:plugins:deploy --major --changelog "Adding state warning" --description "State warning plugin"

# Create a configuration and a release with the new version of the plugin
twilio flex:plugins:release --plugin plugin-state-warning@1.0.0 --name "State Warning" 
--description "Displays state warning for agents"

if, for some reason, the plugin doesn’t load, run

twilio flex:plugins:build

by itself to see if there’s anything causing the plugin to not build (such as a missing library)