Twilio CLI

After install, set up Twilio profile

set TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=your Account SID from
set TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=your Auth Token from
twilio profiles:create

configuration file will be save to “C:\Users\username\.twilio-cli\config.json” if on Windows

CLI examples:


twilio flex:plugins:start //must do npm install first
twilio flex:plugins:build -l debug //must do npm install first
twilio flex:plugins:deploy --major --changelog "Notes for this version" --description "Functionality of the plugin"
twilio flex:plugins:release --plugin example-plugin@1.0.0 --plugin additional-plugin@2.1.0 --name "Example 1" --description "Demonstrating use of twilio flex:plugins:release"
twilio profiles:list
twilio profiles:use PROFILE_ID
twilio profiles:remove PROFILE_ID
twilio login