Twilio Studio Flow Notes

Studio retains Execution logs for 30 days after Executions end. However, Executions that have not ended within 60 days of being created are considered stuck. Studio automatically ends and deletes stuck Executions 60 days after they were created. Once Executions are deleted, they are no longer accessible via Console or the API.

To change existing Flex display, use UI Templating.

Execute the following command in a Flex instance via chrome debugger to see a list of fields,


Twilio send message widget

Send Message allows you to send a message to a user. Use this Widget to send messages to the user before any other action. If you want to request a user’s input after a message, use the Send & Wait For Reply Widget instead.

Messages from a user in a Programmable Chat Channel can be received by Studio and responded to using the Send Message widget. To enable incoming Chat messages, add the Studio Flow’s webhook URL as a Chat Channel webhook.

IVR reporting using Studio and Flex Insights