Twilio Flex debugging

  • Using Chrome Debugger
  • The Configuration Object is stored in Configuration REST API in its ui_attributes property. Flex UI will read it from here when it is first loaded.
  • Configuration Object for self-hosted Flex instances can also be defined in the appConfig.js file. Values here will override those read from the Configuration REST API
  • For both of the above options, you can further customize the Configuration Object using a plugin (using the manager.updateConfig() method).
  • Twilio Flex configuration can be dumped out from:
  • LogLevel can be from 0 to 5. 5 is silence. 4 (error) is default. One can adjust log level in appConfig.js
  • the ui_attributes property is always replaced as a whole. Therefore the update sequence should be:
    • Fetch the current value of the ui_attributes property (JSON)
    • Add/modify the logLevel value in the JSON object as needed
    • Use the REST API to update the ui_attributes with the updated JSON object