AWS Cloudformation


A stack is a collection of AWS resources that you can manage as a single unit. In other words, you can create, update, or delete a collection of resources by creating, updating, or deleting stacks. All the resources in a stack are defined by the stack’s AWS CloudFormation template.

Cross Stack Reference

To create a cross-stack reference, use the Export output field to flag the value of a resource output for export. Then, use the Fn::ImportValue intrinsic function to import the value. For more information, see Outputs and Fn::ImportValue.

Quick Stack links

Use quick-create links to get stacks up and running quickly from the AWS CloudFormation console. You can specify the template URL, stack name, and template parameters in URL query parameters to prepopulate a single Create Stack Wizard page.

Complains and Solutions:

Build failed: expected JSONObject, found: String
Solution: express  JSONObject as follows in yml file:

            StreamMode : PROVISIONED <--JSON object expected

Build failed: expected array, found: String
Solution: express array as follow in yml file:

        - item1
        - item2

Cheat Sheet

To check syntax on a local file:

aws cloudformation validate-template –template-body file:///home/local/test/sampletemplate.json