Twilio Notes

Professional Services Templates

Capturing task events in event (not action)

task.on('wrapup', ()=>{});

task.on('completed', ()=>{});


Task list filter by workflow name:
note: workflowName first letter must be lowercase
note: cannot paginate

   workflowName: `WORKFLOW_NAME_HERE`,
   limit: 20
.then(tasks => tasks.forEach(t => console.log(t.sid + " " + t.workflowFriendlyName)));

Paginate chat channels:

currentPage = await
            .page({ pageSize: page_size });

Twilio REST API concurrency limit: 100 per second base on this stackoverflow post

Monitor your usage

Making outbound call from Twilio Flex (click to dial)

Asyn loop in studio flow while putting caller in hold conference – may use in a callback queue

New York Times headlines instead of hold music

Hold Time Metrics – Flex Insights Report

Flex UI action list

Edge location list

Twilio API explorer postman collection