AWS Serverless Notes YAML…etc

Serverless guide

This is slightly different than regular cloudformation yaml file syntax.

To include other files in the main yaml file:

  - ${file(relative path to lambda yaml)}

#list resources
  # DynamoDB/sqs/s3/other resources and its exported data.
  - ${file(relative path to other resources yml file)}

AWS serverless support for sqs maximum concurrency support

12 Jan 2023 AWS introduced maximum concurrency of AWS Lambda functions when using Amazon SQS as an event source (see release announcement here and compute blog from AWS)

PR: Add Max Concurrency configuration for AWS sqs.

Github release 1.25.0

Serverless sqs maximum concurrency support 

AWS lambda cloudformation sqs template

As of serverless@2.72.4, these don’t work so the serverless documentation is lying

    - sqs:
           MaximumConcurrency: 2 //tried maximumConcurrency too
   - sqs:
        maximumConcurrency: 250